Questionnaire for participants in multi-day sea kayak tours with Sicily in kayak

This is a short questionnaire to learn about your kayaking habits and that will help us prepare the best equipment for you!  Any information you give us will not be disclosed and only our team read it.

Copy, paste, reply and send,
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About you 
1. Name and Surname
2. Man or Woman
3. Which tour (2, 4 or 6 day) and which departure date have you booked?
4. Numero di whatsapp e mail / Your whatsapp number and e-mail
5. To help us choose the right equipment and you, please tell us your age, height and weight.
6. Single or double sea kayak?

Declaration of health status/fitness:
1. Do you suffer from seasickness?
Do you have food intolerances or allergies? If so, please tell us which foods you cannot eat.
Do you have any medical problems that we should know?
Muscle, joint or bone problems or old injuries that will be affected by this activity? 
During physical activity do you experience shortness of breath or chest pain? 
Can you swim a minimum of 50 meters?
7. How would you describe your fitness level from 1 to 10?

Sea kayak Skill level:
1. Which of the following Sea kayak skills do you recognize yourself in?
2. Do you have any qualification that supports this?
3. Can you roll a sea kayak in dynamic conditions? 
4. Can you self-rescue?
5. Can you rescue others in dynamic conditions? 
6. How many times do you paddle during the year?
7. What average (in kilometers) distance do you cover during your activity?

What sea kayak skill level
are you?

1) Absolute beginner 

You have never sat in a sea kayak, canoe or a kayak before. You’re new to paddling on lochs, seas and rivers. You’re keen to learn and willing to give things a try. 

2) Beginner   

You have done 1-2 Intro to sea kayak sessions with a friend, club or a coach. You’ve managed to paddle forward and backwards and turn your sea kayak. You have probably done a wet exit with a spray deck and maybe done a practice rescue. Turning a sea kayak feels difficult and any wind tends to make your kayak wander around and hard to paddle in a straight line. Paddling into a wind is hard work, and waves coming from behind or the side are a bit scary. You’ve paddled about 6 miles /10km in a day.

3) Strong Beginner 

Paddlers who recognise themselves here, may have been out a few times in some waves and some windier conditions, and are feeling a bit more confident. Paddling forward into the wind is still tiring, and others seem to paddle faster. Paddling for 15km feels ok but going for another 10km would seem too much right now. You’ve discovered the skeg and know how to use it. Turning on flat water is improving but in waves or wind it sometimes feels like a challenge. You can climb back into your kayak when practising assisted rescues, and you might have tried to rescue someone else.

4) Experienced group paddler

You may have been paddling for a few years and prefer to choose your days on the water carefully, picking sheltered trips and better weather days. Longer days of about 25km are manageable as are multi-day camping trips, and you are knowledgeable about tides and how the weather can affect you. You tend to avoid rougher water and more exposed coastlines. You don’t tend to practice skills but enjoy just going for a paddle, but now you’re curious and want to refresh some skills so you can continue to enjoy paddling.

5) Intermediate

You’ve been on longer trips maybe 20-25km. Getting to this stage can often take a couple of years and you are building up lots of experience in different conditions. You can complete a rescue of another paddler , and might carry some safety equipment like a towline. You are starting to enjoy ‘lumpier’ conditions but always prefer someone else more experienced close by, just in case! You’re beginning to paddle a bit faster when there is a wind and can keep up with most paddlers. You might carry a map and check the tides and weather forecast before paddling. You’re considering doing the Sea Kayak Award just to see how you do, and have maybe done some overnight trips.

6)Strong intermediate

You’ve maybe got your Sea Kayak Award and starting to do longer trips over a few days. You’re involved in the planning of paddling trips, looking at tides and weather, and you’re starting to look out for others in your group. Maybe you’ve helped out in a real rescue or incident? You can paddle closer to the rocks and perhaps go through a few rocky gaps. You want to challenge yourself in bigger waves, tidal waters and surf. 

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Address: contrada Vulcanello SNC 98050 Vulcano
Phone-WhatsApp: +393333178800

contrada Vulcanello SNC 98050 Vulcano
Phone-WhatsApp: +393333178800

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